What makes EWP unique

We convert excess energy from different resources to computing power by positioning mobile data centre containers and infrastructure at power production sites.

Earth Wind and Power helps to tackle the twin challenges of digitalization and decarbonization by converting excess energy into green computing power. By offering energy producers a market for their excess energy, EWP contributes to better resource utilization and emissions reduction.

The ability to provide electricity demand outside the grid means EWP’s solutions avoid straining existing infrastructure, which contributes to greater reliability of service. 

At the same time, we provide the digital infrastructure needed to produce green computing power, while also providing essential revenues for early-stage renewable power producers projects which helps to de-risk and incentivise further investments into these essential low carbon projects.

In the countries and communities where we operate, EWP can increase homeland security and data sovereignty by facilitating domestic data centre infrastructure, while simultaneously creating local jobs in a fast growing and increasingly essential sector.

The Solution

EWP Infra

We provide the necessary infrastructure to turn the excess energy resource to power. EWP Infrastructure manage the investments and the operations necessary to convert excess energy, such as gas that would otherwise be flared, into electricity, by positioning mobile and modular turbines or engines that will produce the electricity.


Provide, establish and operate data centre infrastructure at power production sites which serves as a local offtaker to EWP Infra and provides HPC services for customers or for own usage.


EWP’s data centre solutions provide a decentralised, distributed network of infrastructure that allows data processing and handling to be kept within national borders and thereby removes the dependency on external providers. Importantly, our solutions are designed to operate under extreme temperatures and can be deployed without the need for an existing connection to the grid, providing essential redundancy without the need for the excessive infrastructure of traditional solutions.

High-Density Data Centre Container

Earth Wind and Power’s energy-efficient 40-feet, 2.4 MW data centre container is designed in such a way that it can be used in extreme climatic conditions and outside temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius to plus 48 degrees Celsius. It is hardware agnostic and has built-in interchangeable capacity for components, allowing for greater flexibility and longevity of operations.

The unit is particularly energy-efficient due to its closed liquid cooling system, with a Power Utilisation Efficiency (PUE) rating of 1.07 versus an industry average of 1.2. An interface for waste heat utilisation is also present, meaning that the energy efficiency can be further improved depending on the location and other factors.

Software based energy optimization

Orchestration software optimizes distributed data centers by balancing loads between sites. This ensures that computing jobs run at all times in the most energy and/or cost-effective way. The software solution evaluates and selects the most efficient location for running a job based on specific metrics, such as energy availability, heat demand, power pricing and latency.

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