What we do

Blockchain enables new opportunities in a global market, estimated to reach more than US $3 trillion by 2030.

We convert excess energy from different resources to computing power by positioning mobile data centre containers and infrastructure at power production sites.

Transforms handling of Excess Energy

Gas: We offer oil and gas companies who are flaring gas today, an opportunity to become greener. We will capture the energy from flare gas and use it to power HPC operations on site. By this we substantially reduce the oil and gas company’s methane emissions – methane which is considered to be a greenhouse gas that has a stronger impact on greenhouse effect compared to CO2. Learn more

Wind Power: Wind turbines can generate much more energy than is consumed at different daytimes and seasons, or the potential power is underutilized due to limited grid capacities. This energy can be used as emission-free power for our data center operations and may lead to potential joint initiatives for further expansion of local power production. Learn more

Solar Power: By partnering with us, operators of solar plants gain a new tool for managing excess power. Utilizing the excess power to provide electricity to our modular datacenter units will allow a guaranteed price-floor for the power. HPC operations can also be an incubator and a crucial incentive for the development of new and additional infrastructures for green power and solar plants. Learn more

Hydro Power: Hydro powerplants are often underutilized. Turning excess hydro energy into computing power can subsidise the infrastructure as well as create a stable demand for the power company by generating new income streams.

Geothermal Power: Geothermal power plants often offer higher potential capacity than what is utilized. Infrastructure is often not further developed or delayed because of lack of off-takers for the additional capacity or lack of connection to the grid. By positioning data centre containers directly at the site, EWP can create value prior to the otherwise needed grid connection.

Other sources: Waste-to-Energy projects, bio energy etc.. EWP is happy to evaluate any green power-generation project which has excess energy that can be utilized to power data centre operations.

Environmental emission impacts of reduced flaring of gas (example)

Expected reduced emissions from EWP’s standard unit by recovering 1.5MMSCFD of flare gas utilized in a 5MW HPC-centre:

  • None-combusted methane from flaring reduced by close to 100%
  • None-combusted VOC from flaring reduced by close to 100%
  • CO is reduced to a guaranteed level of 15 ppm
  • NOx is reduced to a guaranteed level of 9 ppm

The solution

Our standard HPC blockchain module comprises High Density data center containers with the most energy efficient digital infrastructure worldwide. The containers are installed with efficient closed-loop water cooling systems and are therefore climate independent. The solution is mobile, modular stackable and scalable. The modular design of our sites with its flexible infrastructure solutions is ready to host data center operations from Tier 1 to Tier 3. Thanks to the closed-loop cooling technology we can facilitate HPC and Blockchain computing in extremely hot climates without compromising the service levels. In other regions the heat form the HPC units is set to be utilized for other heating purposes.

Data Centre Services

Each site offers different opportunities and limitations for the type of data centre services that can be developed. EWP invites stakeholders to map opportunities, frame conditions and energy availability in order to design tailor-made datacenter solutions accordingly.

Two critical technical limitations will dictate the type of services that can be given at a potential site:

  1. Power uptime: Is the power supply constant or available only for a limited number of hours during a day or a season?
  2. Connectivity: Is there fiber on the site, or in proximity to a site, versus dependence on satellite connectivity.

Other benefits: Heat Utilization

IT hardware transforms 100% of its electrical energy supply into heat energy. A server with 500W electrical power consumption therefore produces 500W thermal power. 

Our special water-cooled containers which are designed for waste heat utilization removes the thermal output of the IT components directly where it is created. This wasted heat can then be utilized in heating systems by precisely controlling the volume flow rates in the data centres to achieve the necessary high temperatures. 

Other example usages in cold climates would be for agriculture, and in hot climates, for sea-water desalination.

Source: Cloud & Heat

Innovation on proven technology

Our value chain is based on proven technologies and commercial and sustainable framework – from the energy source to the final output through HPC and Blockchain computing.

Attractive offering for multiple stakeholders

  • Energy producers sustainable and commercially attractive solution to utilize excess energy
  • Governments initiatives to support efforts to achieve net-zero targets as well as data handling sovereignity
  • HPC/DCs reliable and sustainable green power source to meet growing demand
  • Partners aligned with industry partners to develop bespoke offering
  • Public enabling effective energy transition without straining the grid
  • Shareholders unique collaboration offering in an exciting growth market

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What makes Earth Wind & Power unique

  • We offer energy producers a market for their excess energy
  • We contribute to better energy utilization
  • We provide electricity demand outside the grid, not straining the existing infrastructureWe offer access to HPC and blockchain data needs
  • We increase homeland security by facilitating domestic data centre and HPC capabilities
  • We contribute to risk reductions and value enhancements in renewable development project.
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