HPC can be a crucial element for establishing new facilities and grids for green power. Let’s do it together!

Earth Wind & Power’s unique business model depends on trustful partnerships with clients and stakeholders.

Connect with us:

  • Energy providers:  Energy companies in solar, wind, and fossil for the disposal of surplus energy or at too low prices, when developing energy production without infrastructure or by stranded energy. 
  • Oil & Gas companies: Oil & Gas companies who wants to reduce their environmental impact by their gas flaring
  • HPC-customers: Companies in need for high-density computing power, data processing or storage services.
  • Governments and regulators: Cooperation with local governments is the key to secure important benefits for the communities/regions we enter.
  • Suppliers: Manufacturers of data chips, servers and other hardware for HPC and blockchain computing.
  • Financial Investors: Banks, funds and investors that see opportunities in the rapidly growing demand for faster connectivity and data processing.

We create opportunities

By purchasing energy from natural gas, wind and solar power plants we contribute to deploy natural gas and to a further increase in renewables in the areas we enter. This creates opportunities for the local industry, it generates new jobs and income, and not least: local governments can reduce their carbon footprint extensively for the best of everyone.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Economical waterfall structure with profit sharing and risk mitigation models
  • We monetize stranded energy to real financial and social value for the region
  • We establish a sustainable infrastructure for new and emerging technologies such as  blockchain, which is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.  
  • Earth Wind & Power has elements of national security as we bring options for domestic data processing and storage without interference from Big Tech
  • We bring HPC, a highly profitable industry, to your region
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