HPC & Blockchain

Environmentally friendly and flexible

EW&P has an array of mobile HPC and blockchain datacenter solutions, varying in electric capacity and computing density as well as datacenter Tiers. Our cooling solutions range from simple air-cooling to climate independent closed-loop water cooled units with electric capacity ranging from 50KW units up to 2.5MW units.

Tailormade solutions
Datacenter modules are best chosen based on an evaluation of local conditions such as climate and the availability of electricity on the premises. For locations with ambient temperatures below 40 degrees celsius, air cooled datacenter containers will provide sufficient cooling to allow Tier 1 operations. For locations with temperatures beyond 40 degrees celsius, closed loop and climate independent units will assure optimal conditions for hosting Tier 1 to 3 operations. In remote off-grid locations we are relaying on satellite connectivity for network connection.

Environmentally friendly
All our units are scoring high on Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) with values reaching as low as 1.02, subject to environmental conditions and the solutions chosen.

Mobile, modular and stackable
Our solutions are all mobile and modular which allows maximum flexibility in deployment and reuse. Most units are also stackable, which allows operations also in locations where space is limited.

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