Harnessing excess energy to provide computing power

Harnessing excess energy
to provide computing power

EWP enhances ESG standards and drives digitalisation and emission reduction while creating new commercial value at all points in the value chain.​

Market Drivers

Staggering scale of wasted energy
The amount of excess energy in the world from gas, wind and solar is enormous. From gas alone, 150 billion cubic meters is wasted through flaring each year, which has a significant impact on the environment. It is often lack of financial incentive that leaves power-production sites without the costly infrastructure that is needed in order to capture and utilize excess energy.

A rapidly growing energy demand for data centres
As our world becomes more digitalized, data centres are becoming an increasingly critical infrastructure and consequently a major electricity-intensive industry. The share of global electricity used by data centres is currently estimated to be about 1%, but the future aggressive increase in data processing will lead to an unprecedented growth in electricity demand from this industry. Some predict the demand to reach over 20% by 2025.

Challenges with Grid Capacity
With the exponential growth in demand for electricity to power datacentre operations, two of the most important global megatrends – digitalisation and decarbonisation – are occurring simultaneously. Future economies will be built on renewable energy and digital foundations therefore data centres are integral to success, however existing grid infrastructure is often unable to meet demand as the impact of data centres and the intermittent nature of renewable energy generation has not been properly addressed.

Data sovereignty and security
As digital tools and platforms have empowered a more connected world, the challenges created by digitalisation are global and cut across traditional borders. At the same time, development and adoption of new technologies moves at a rapid pace, requiring ongoing evaluation and adjustment of security solutions. Solutions that provide data integrity, security and sovereignty should be high on the agenda for all governments and organisations.

What we do


Earth Wind & Power offers energy companies an ESG solution for utilizing and repurposing their excess energy by positioning modular data centre units at power production sites and providing the necessary infrastructure for energy capture where required – without any negative impact on existing grids.

EWP solutions are flexible and allow value adding at all points in the chain; by offering new commercial value to energy producers by providing an off take for otherwise wasted energy, and by providing infrastructure either to allow third party data centre service providers to access the repurposed energy or by providing computing power to the local and international market.​

EWP’s flexible solutions can capture new commercial value at all points in the value chain by:

  • Providing an off-take for wasted or stranded energy – we work with both power producers and data centre services providers and customers for off-take

  • Supporting the development of much-needed digital infrastructure as well as incentivising renewable power development projects

  • Improving resource management and utilisation

  • Improving data security and sovereignty

  • Domestic job creation / local content – EWP’s offering will create local jobs in a growing and essential sector

  • Enhancing the ESG profile for energy producers, data centre operators and customers

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Commitment to high ESG standards

EWP is committed to the highest ESG standards in its operations, and we have created solutions that empower our partners and clients to enhance their own ESG profiles through collaboration and innovation.

EWP is driven by a desire to empower digitalisation for the benefit of society while improving the environmental profile of associated data centre activity.

Capturing wasted energy, such as gas that would otherwise be flared, or unutilised renewable resources to power HPC applications and data centre services has clear benefits from an emissions reduction perspective. Crucially, Earth Wind & Power’s solution also supports and incentivises much needed renewable power projects by offering an immediate off-take without needing any prior connection to the grid, helping to minimise the strain on existing infrastructure.

“EWP is committed to the highest ESG standards in its operations, and we have created solutions that empower our partners and clients to enhance their own ESG profiles through collaboration and innovation”.

Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde,
Former Minister of National Public Security, CEO

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