Harnessing excess energy to provide computing power

Enhancing ESG standards, drive digitalisation and emission reduction during the energy transition, while creating new commercial value at all points in the value chain.

Market Drivers

Energy Transition / journey to net-zero
Demand growth for computing power
Global digitalisation
Methane emission reduction
Demand for data Sovereignty and security
Lack of grid capacity


Earth Wind & Power offers energy companies an ESG solution for utilizing and repurposing their excess energy by positioning modular data centre units at power production sites and providing the necessary infrastructure for energy capture where required – without any negative impact on existing grids.

EWP solutions are flexible and allow value adding at all points in the chain; by offering new commercial value to energy producers by providing an off take for otherwise wasted energy, and by providing infrastructure either to allow third party data centre service providers to access the repurposed energy or by providing computing power to the local and international market.

Our solution can capture new commercial value at all points in the value chain by:

  • Providing an off-take for wasted or stranded energy – we work with both power producers and Datacentre
  • Services providers and customers for off-take
  • Supporting the development of much-needed digital infrastructure as well as incentivising renewable power development projects
  • Improving resource management and utilisation
  • Improving data security and sovereignty
  • Domestic job creation / local content – EWP’s offering will create local jobs in a growing and essential sector
  • Enhancing the ESG profile for energy producers, datacentre operators and customers
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Commitment to high ESG standards

EWP is committed to the highest ESG standards in its operations, and we have created solutions that empower our partners and clients to enhance their own ESG profiles through collaboration and innovation.
Capturing wasted energy, such as gas that would otherwise be flared, or unutilised renewable resources to power HPC applications and Datacentre services has clear benefits from an emissions reduction perspective. Crucially, Earth Wind & Power’s solution also supports and incentivises much needed solar and wind projects by offering an immediate off-take without needing any prior connection to the grid.
In this way, by supporting ongoing investment in existing energy producers as well as incentivising new sustainable projects, we can help protect essential revenues for host governments to fund social and economic programs, create local jobs and provide access to power for remote communities.
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