A standardized cost-efficient solution from Earth Wind & Power

EWPs standardized solutions prevent unnecessary flaring of hydrocarbon gas and turn it into electrical power. (~1.5 MMSCFD of hydrocarbon gas to ~ 5MW of electrical power.)

Standardized and modularized
Our systems condition and use of flare gas to power High Performance Computing data centers. The system is a standardized, modularized system, flexible, simple to transport and install. We offer multiple and parallel systems.

Integrated to any existing facilities
The systems include all needed necessary conditioning and treatment of the gas. Our technical team has decades of track record of flare gas recovery applications and support connecting and integrating the EW&P systems to any existing facilities.

Our systems can be implemented to an existing plant in operation with no disruptions.

Stable fuel gas for power generation
Our system operates at standard fuel gas pressures of approx. 20 bar, accept typical Wobbe index in the range of 800-1600btu/SCF, H2S levels up to 10 000 ppm and CO2 up to 12%, all downstream the conditioning systems and produce a stable fuel gas for power generation (i.e. removing liquids and superheating as necessary)

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