EWP is proud to announce new Executive Advisors and Strategic Partners.

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EWP is proud to announce Christina-Anne Kyosti and Georgio Pauen in Via Talenta Group as Executive Advisors and Strategic Partners.

Christina-Anne is the Chair of ViaTalenta Group Ltd and an active purpose-led investor. Born in Denmark to a French-Italian family and educated in England and the United States, Christina-Anne trained as a physician and a strategist before assuming the leadership of the family offices. A proponent of impact investments as an alternative to traditional family investment and philanthropic strategies, she oversees four of the Group’s value chain portfolios in Energy & Environment; Health Care & Wellness; Education and Technology & Security with a focus on renewable energies, carbon and food security.  She co-invests with other female leaders into minority led companies and initiatives.

Georgio is the CEO of ViaTalenta Group Ltd, the family’s holding company for investment and incubation.  He drives innovation, sustainability and impact across Energy & Environment, Education, ImpactArt and Media & Entertainment portfolio companies.  His investment focus is on critical resource management and accelerating the energy transition in Europe.

A theatre director and producer by trade, he directs the Group’s programmes on the future of education, leadership and chairs its public engagements.  He personally leads ViaTalenta Academy and Q Unlimited – the Group’s education and media entities.

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