Earth Wind & Power signs Collaboration Agreement with Society for Health Systems Analysis and Health Care Research (G3)

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Collaboration to facilitate jointly setting up a proof-of-concept Medical Computational Facility utilising modular Datacentre infrastructure powered by capturing excess energy

Earth Wind & Power (EWP), a leading innovator in creating a sustainable bridge between excess energy and the exponentially growing demand for green computing power, today is pleased to announce it has signed a collaboration agreement with Society for Health Systems Analysis and Health Care Research (G3), the Austrian non-profit scientific association.

The parties intend to explore the possibility of establishing proof of concept pilot for a Medical Computational Facility (MCF) in Indonesia, where EWP announced in March 2022 that it had established a collaboration with PT Pertamina EP to conduct feasibility studies for the utilisation of flare gas to power High Performance Computing.

The proposed MCF would act as a research excellence centre based on digital medicine, virtual bioproduction and digital health management; enabled by decentralized, modular, sustainable and carbon neutral datacentre solutions with integrated “Secured Medical Cloud Architecture”.
The MCF will provide the basis for the development of digital production processes for pharmaceuticals and new applications in the field of digital health management such as data analysis, while medical data protection, anonymization, pseudonymization and the digital sovereignty of health data will be guaranteed and further developed to the highest standards.
The collaboration will benefit from EWP’s expertise in turning excess energy, that would otherwise be wasted, into green power for its leading-edge, modular datacentres and G3’s expertise in developing and disseminating technology for use in healthcare and other scientific fields.
Both parties share a positive market outlook for the demand for power for data storage and processing services, as well as the urgent need for better energy utilisation.

“I am thrilled to announce this collaboration with G3, which demonstrates the adaptability and viability of EWP’s data centre infrastructure solutions across different sectors. Alongside our work with Pertamina to capture and repurpose wasted energy to provide green power for our data centres, the partnership with G3 shows how we can take this power and create cost-efficient and decentralized solutions, ensuring climate-friendly operations” says Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde, CEO and Co-Founder of Earth Wind & Power and former Norwegian Minister of National Public Security and Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy.

“We are excited to partner with EWP to jointly leverage the great potential of operating sustainable and decentralised data centres into one of the largest dynamic economies in Asia, and to guide Indonesia on the path to greater digital sovereignty and the reduction of climate-damaging emissions.”, says Professor A Min Tjoa, President of G3 and former chairperson of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD).

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About Earth Wind and Power

Earth Wind & Power (EWP) provides a sustainable solution for powering datacentres by utilizing excess energy from wind, solar, geo-thermal and gas to cater for the increased computing power demand – without any negative impact on existing grids.

The company positions scalable modular datacentre units at local power production facilities around the world, taking advantage of the most energy-efficient technologies to utilise the excess energy on site for HPC when no other offtake is commercially viable, or when demand and energy prices are low.

Led by CEO and Former Norwegian Minister of National Public Security and Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde, EWP was founded by pioneers from wind and solar industries as well as international E&P.

About G3

G3 is an Austrian non-for-profit scientific association which serves to disseminate and enhance knowledge and technology transfer in science and technology (e.g., Scalable Algorithmic Approaches for Big Data Analyses and Applications, Dynamic Networks etc.) for quality in healthcare but also in other fields, nationally and internationally.

G3 advises governments, organizations, and universities on issues of quality, knowledge and technology transfer in science and technology (mathematics, computer science, and informatics) for healthcare, public health, and eHealth and other fields and generates concrete projects through international networking of experts in healthcare, academic institutions, research, industry, and polities, which are implemented in direct cooperation with local partners.

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