Earth Wind & Power Establishes First Steps for Collaboration with Government Ministries Following African Energy Week.

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PRESS RELEASE: Earth Wind & Power (EWP, or The Company), a leading innovator in creating a sustainable bridge between excess energy and the exponentially growing demand for power for the High-Performance Computing industry, is pleased to provide an update following its participation in the recent African Energy Week conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The company was delighted to have several members of the senior leadership team in attendance, with CEO and Co-Founder Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde delivering a keynote speech on datacentres as change agents during the Energy Transition Forum. The event was extremely well attended, with representatives from International Oil Companies, National Oil Companies and Energy Ministries from the African Continent and around the world taking part.

The company was encouraged by numerous positive and constructive discussions with representatives of government ministries from various African countries and was deeply impressed with their willingness to be forward looking and open to innovation as they seek solutions to the challenges of the energy transition and the increasing need for digitalization and data sovereignty.

As a result, the Company has signed Letters of Intent (LOI) with several government ministries on the African Continent relating to EWP’s solutions for eliminating flare gas, enhancing domestic digital capacity and infrastructure, and data sovereignty. Further updates on these LoIs will be forthcoming in due course.

Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde, CEO and Co-Founder of Earth Wind & Power and former Norwegian Minister of National Public Security and Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy, commented “I would like to thank the organisers for such a wonderful event, at what is still a challenging time. It was extremely positive to see so many distinguished speakers and attendees coming together to discuss proactive and innovative solutions to the energy transition. We have been encouraged by the discussions we had with a broad range of stakeholders, and we look forward to providing more detail on our early-stage partnerships in the coming weeks.”

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About Earth Wind and Power

Earth Wind & Power (EWP) provides a sustainable solution for powering datacentres by utilizing excess energy from wind, solar, geo-thermal and gas to cater for the increased computing power demand – without any negative impact on existing grids.

The company positions scalable modular datacentre units at local power production facilities around the world, taking advantage of the most energy-efficient technologies to utilise the excess energy on site for HPC when no other offtake is commercially viable, or when demand and energy prices are low.

Led by CEO and Former Norwegian Minister of National Public Security and Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde, EWP was founded by pioneers from wind and solar industries as well as international E&P.

About Africa Energy Week

African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 is the African Energy Chamber’s (AEC) interactive exhibition and networking event that seeks to unite African energy stakeholders, drive industry growth and development, and promote Africa as the destination for African-focused events and for the future of Africa’s energy sector.

The four-day high-level conference comprising of networking sessions, innovative exhibitions, one-on-one private meetings, and much more.

The event is set to include industry delegates, movers and shakers and African and global industry leaders and speakers from the energy, oil and gas sector.

From the branch of our existing ecosystem, the theme for the week, ‘At the Forefront of the African Energy Industry,’ aims to emphasise a core focus on the African energy sector, with specific attention being given to Africa’s role within the global energy transition.

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