About us

We seek to be a preferred partner for energy producers for HPC & Blockchain value added solutions.

The Earth Wind & Power team has a track record of building multibillion enterprises, with several major success stories within oil & gas and pioneering wind and solar power projects.

We have some of the most experienced professionals in the business of energy, HPC & Blockchain, finance, governance and security on our team with backgrounds from:

  • Governmental positions on national Minister level
  • ESG and national/international climate policies reporting and monitoring
  • HPC datacenter design, contracting and operations
  • Blockchain for Supply Chain Management
  • Management of global oil and gas companies
  • Execution and technical management of big engineering projects
  • Operations in all types of environments, including remote areas.
  • Building alliances around the world and utilizing opportunities for replicating 

Our mission

Our mission is to turn excess energy into commercial and social value, by utilizing the opportunities from the exponentially growing computing power demand, driven by new emerging technologies.

What makes Earth Wind & Power unique

Moving HPC activities in proximity to electricity production plants will avoid costs for use of power-grids and give Earth Wind & Power a unique opportunity to deliver green High Performance Computing services at a competitive price.

We offer true ESG solutions for the oil and gas, the wind and solar industry, and for HPC and Blockchain computing customers:

  • We offer energy producers a market for their excess energy.
  • We contribute to better energy utilization.
  • We provide electricity demand outside the grid, not straining the existing infrastructure.
  • We offer access to HPC and blockchain data needs.
  • We increase homeland security by facilitating domestic data center and HPC capabilities.
  • We contribute to risk reductions and value enhancements in renewable development projects.

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