Transforming excess energy into green computing power.

With a strong commitment to the ESG-code, Earth Wind & Power creates a sustainable bridge between excess energy and the growing High Performance Computing power-need, without intervening with the grid.




= Effective ESG Solution for energy companies + Sustainable green power for HPC/DCs

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Market Drivers

Wasted energy contributing to climate change

The amount of excess energy in the world from gas, wind and solar is enormous. From gas alone, 150 billion cubic meters is wasted through flaring each year, which has a significant impact on the environment. It is often lack of financial incentive that leaves power-production sites without the costly infrastructure that is needed in order to capture and utilize excess energy. Key facts.

A rapidly growing energy demand for data centres

As our world becomes more digitalized, data centres are becoming an increasingly critical infrastructure and consequently a major electricity-intensive industry. The share of global electricity used by data centres is currently estimated to be about 1%, but the future aggressive increase in data processing will lead to an unprecedented growth in electricity demand from this industry. Some predict the demand to reach over 20% by 2025.

Our Solution

Earth Wind & Power offers energy companies an ESG solution for utilizing and repurposing their excess energy by positioning modular data centre units at power production sites – without any negative impact on existing grids. This presents a new commercial value for energy companies which can incentivize the investment in necessary infrastructure and consequently lead to an increase in renewables.

Did you know that the volume of gas flared every year generates enough power to provide:

More than the African continent's annual electricity consumption.

Electricity enough for charging 360 million electric vehicles for 1 year.

Commitment to high ESG standards

Our operations make a positive environmental impact utilizing excess energy from flare gas, wind, solar power, hydro, geothermal and other sources. As an ESG company this rests on our core values and a philosophy reflecting responsibility, long-term engagement and local commitment. Our operations shall always be according to local interests and needs with an aim to boost opportunities and jobs in the regions we operate in.

Anywhere the wind blows

Excess gas is located at sites all around the globe. At the same time the expansion of wind, solar power, hydro and geothermal sources continues to accelerate, in urban, rural and often remote areas. Our solutions can be tailormade to fit any geographical location and local energy supply condition.

Why Earth Wind & Power

Oil and gas experts

We have decades of experience and a proven track of success stories within oil and gas. This makes us uniquely qualified to help oil and gas companies find environmentally friendly ways to reduce their gas flaring by utilizing it to power High Performance Computing data centres. Learn more.

Wind power pioneers

Earth wind & Power has formed an alliance with the Valinor Energy Group which together has realized over 700 MW of wind energy projects, featuring partners and clients including Google, Facebook and Blackrock.   Learn more

Solar power solutions

Solar power is one of the fastest growing sources of new energy worldwide. Earth Wind & Power has formed an alliance with the Valinor Energy Group, which together has realized several solar energy projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Learn more.

HPC & Blockchain Entrepreneurs

Our HPC team has been involved in the HPC and blockchain ecosystem since its very beginning. The team has among others facilitated the first blockchain co-working space in Oslo, built and operated Norway’s first Hyperscale HPC data centre as well as managed data centre operations elsewhere in Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Learn more.

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